Whiskey Business
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Whiskey Business

Ryder Waites will do anything to keep the tiny town of Gallows Grove, Kentucky, from vanishing off the map—even sell his family’s whiskey recipe to Bluegrass Bourbon in Lexington. Hopeful that the larger company can provide necessary improvements to the distillery, Ryder’s ultimate goal is to get Gallows Grove on the Bourbon Trail… and bring in much-needed tourism revenue. But to keep producing Hanged Man Bourbon in Gallows Grove, he’ll have to convince company liaison, unbearably stuffy and seriously hot Adam Keller, that he's worth the investment.

Adam comes from an old-money family, but he’s determined to make his own way in the world. When he’s sent to Gallows Grove, he questions the life choices that led him to a rented room in a funeral home, in a town full of macabre-themed businesses. And he doesn’t know what to make of Ryder, the descendant of bootleggers who’s on a mission to save his strange town from extinction. When Adam and Ryder put aside their initial mistrust, the results are as smooth as good whiskey. But after Adam’s assignment ends, he’ll have to decide if small-town life and a future with Ryder is to his tastes.

Title:Whiskey Business
Edition Language:English
Format Type:ebook
Number of Pages:104 pages

    Whiskey Business Reviews

  • ~?~D?ni(ela) ? ?? love & semi-colons~?~
    Dec 04, 2016

    ~4.5~ "I'm not trying to seduce you because of dumpster regulations, Adam. I just think you're hot, and I want to bone.""You don't have to sell me on the idea," said Adam. "I want to . . . But I just...

  • Jewel
    Dec 06, 2016

    What a delightful story! I don't think I have ever really been to Kentucky (driving through when I was a kid doesn't count). I don't drink whiskey (I had a bad experience) and I don't watch basketball...

  • Ele
    Dec 11, 2016

    ~4.5 stars~Turns out that Avon Gale not only has the ability to gutpunch me with emotion, but she can also make me laugh like a lunatic. This book put me in such good mood when I needed it the most, I...

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    Dec 29, 2016

    Avon Gale does it again with a funny, sexy small-town romance. Lovers of sweet, low-angst novellas, look no further!I'm a REALLY big Avon Gale fan, but this is the first time I've read anything other ...

  • BWT (Belen)
    Dec 10, 2016

    Sweet, funny, and sexy with some wonderfully filthy dirty talk thrown in, this hit the spot just like a good bourbon.I really liked that Gale wonderfully describes so much of Kentucky and the people I...

  • Avon Gale
    Aug 18, 2016

    This is my novella for Dreamspinner's "States of Love" collection, featuring my home state of Kentucky :D Expected publication date Dec. 2016/Jan. 2017...

  • Annie ~ From Top to Bottom Reviews
    Dec 31, 2016

    Sooo good! Funny and entertaining and it made me want to go to Kentucky so bad!Full review to come when it's out. =)...

  • Ashley
    Jan 03, 2017

    This was so deliciously fun and quirky with a lot of heart! ...

  • Debra
    Dec 28, 2016

    Review originally posted at Sinfully.4.5 starsThis story was an absolute delight to read. A quirky town, a good hearted distillery owner, a stuffy corporate-type with some hidden talents and a roomful...

  • Catherine
    Dec 28, 2016

    As much as I love Avon Gale’s hockey players, it was nice to see such an adorable departure for her. Not my favourite, but a nice bit ‘o fluff for between the angsty ones. ...