Manifest Destiny, Vol. 4: Sasquatch
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Manifest Destiny, Vol. 4: Sasquatch

Lewis & Clark didn't lead the first expedition west... nor were they the first to encounter the BIGGEST mammal in all the land: SASQUATCH! Many have claimed to have seen this legendary creature ... now join the men who made first contact!...

Title:Manifest Destiny, Vol. 4: Sasquatch
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:128 pages

    Manifest Destiny, Vol. 4: Sasquatch Reviews

  • Craig
    Dec 31, 2016

    I love this series, but this wasn't the greatest collection. It was rather confusingly plotted, jumping back and forth in time between the Lewis and Clark expedition and a previous, doomed expedition ...

  • Sam Quixote
    Oct 25, 2016

    It happens to every ongoing title sooner or later: the first crap book, and Sasquatch is Manifest Destiny’s first stinker! The volume alternates between Lewis and Clark’s expedition in the present...

  • Ron
    Jan 01, 2017

    Lewis and Clark and their crew continue moving up the Missouri River, following where Captain Helm had gone. Their major encounter was with the Sasquatches which forced them to avoid land for a long t...

  • Kenny
    Jan 06, 2017

    Fascinating and engrossing. Their incredible travails get more incredible. This journey rocks. Did I mention sasquatch?...

  • Charles Tilley
    Jan 13, 2017

    Still great! Must read!...

  • Trike
    Jan 02, 2017

    A little bit of a stumble for this installment, but Dingess et al working at slightly less than their best is still miles better than other people working at top form.I was a bit confused at first due...