The One Hundred Nights of Hero
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The One Hundred Nights of Hero

Set in Early Earth but featuring a whole new set of characters, it can be read as a stand alone novel. There are many adventures and deeds of daring do....

Title:The One Hundred Nights of Hero
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    The One Hundred Nights of Hero Reviews

  • Chihoe Ho
    Jul 05, 2016

    The moral of this story is: Tell stories to get out of dangerous situations. But not just any stories. Smart stories. Stories about brave women who don't take shit from anyone.That's simplifying "The ...

  • Kirsty
    Jan 04, 2017

    I would give this six stars if I could. I fully expected to love The One Hundred Nights of Hero before I even began, as I absolutely adored The Encyclopedia of Early Earth, and have seen nothing but f...

  • Zoe
    Oct 03, 2016

    Like Greenberg’s debut, The Encyclopedia of Early Earth, this book takes place on the world of Early Earth, a prehistoric, mythical world with three moons and peoples who seem familiar to us, but ar...

  • Tori
    Nov 17, 2016

    what an immensely satisfying read. all the stories woven within the stories were beautiful and ALL WOMEN-CENTRIC. SPOILERS I GUESS but the lesbians got the fanatical, mythological, legendary happy end...

  • Eric Rutledge
    Jan 05, 2017

    What a wonderfully beautiful story. A story with in a story with in a story. Each layer building more in this wonderfully detailed world! ...

  • Lara
    Jan 20, 2017

    Remember how much I liked The Encyclopedia of Early Earth? And how I said the only thing lacking was an emotional impact? Well, holy shit, did Isabel Greenberg bring it this time! I finished this book...

  • Sarah Knope
    Jan 17, 2017

    Wow. Breathtaking and fascinating and imaginative and remarkable. I love Isabel Greenberg's illustrations and storytelling. If you're looking for a female empowering graphic novel, this is it. Gahhhhh...

  • Hayley DeRoche
    Jan 14, 2017

    So, I haven't cried reading a book in years. I cried reading this one.This book is everything. Rosy-fingered, woman-centric, sassy-AF, ageless, infinitely everything. And to think I almost didn't pick...

  • Kayla
    Jan 12, 2017

    Incredible. Gorgeous in art and in story. I'm in love with this book! I want to read it again and again! This story is full of delightful mythology, fantasy, and legend. It reflects the power of stori...

  • Dantanian
    Oct 07, 2016

    A fantastic folkstory/folkart/folk myth that leapsprings from the storytelling idea of 1001 Nights. One hell of achivement I think, more and more so as I turned the pages and the great humour also got...