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Reese's Story...

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  • Esra
    Nov 15, 2016

    UPDATE : NOW NOW !! This book is not about reese anymore I guess, she wrote a blog post and said she couldn't write the story, it's not what she wanted about him and aidan screaming to her write his b...

  • Ieva
    May 10, 2015

    For the love of GOD 2016?.... I Need my Neighbor from hell fix much sooner.......

  • Wendy
    Apr 27, 2015

    I can't wait for this book!1 thing I want to complain about from the sneak peak we got: In the letter that Missy wrote as "goodbye, see ya" she adopted the Bradford's typical air of "It's not me, it's...

  • Ghiselle James
    Apr 26, 2015

    I don't yet know who Jill is, but who cares about that?! It's R.L. Mathewson!!!...

  • Aleeeinn
    Sep 06, 2016


  • Quirky Omega
    Dec 09, 2015

    Haley and Zoe happily allow their two new female neighbours to ogle and judge Reese and their husbands while they're working. Gosh, if it wasn't so funny, it would have been offensive. wait, it is off...

  • Rebeca Olaciregui
    Sep 09, 2015

    The title for this book is "Playing Hard To Get" can't wait to read it!!!...

  • Hope Reyes
    Jan 17, 2016

    Hurry, Please. I need Reese's story. You've made me an addict....

  • Karen
    Oct 13, 2016

    release date unknown...

  • Bespectacledreader
    Oct 13, 2015

    When I saw the preview at the end of Darrin's story I was like: When I found out it was about REESE and read the letter I was like :When I finished reading the preview: FUCKING EXCITED people!!! I hop...