Sneakers, the Seaside Cat
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Sneakers, the Seaside Cat

Sneakers saw something.It was yellow and pink on the outside....Then he crept up to it and peeked in.On Sneakers′ first trip to the seaside, his curious paws find surprises in the sand. There′s a mischievous crab, playful shrimp, and a shell that...

Title:Sneakers, the Seaside Cat
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:32 pages

    Sneakers, the Seaside Cat Reviews

  • Dolly
    May 08, 2013

    We love books about cats, so when I saw this book at our local library, I just knew we had to borrow it. It depicts a cat on a vacation trip to the seashore, exploring the area and discovering new cre...

  • Diane
    Jul 11, 2012

    Written by the author of Goodnight Moon, the story is about a fat little tuxedo cat who goes to the seashore one day with his family -- a place he has never been. While he is there he encounters many ...

  • Louise (A Strong Belief in Wicker)
    Dec 08, 2011

    I came to Margaret Wise Brown quite late. She's not all that well known in Australia really, and it's only been with my expanding interest in and knowledge of childrens books that I've heard of her. T...

  • Amy
    Oct 01, 2015

    Arthur had some questions after reading me this book, namely:-the family only appears at the beginning and end...where are they the rest of the time?-do they just leave Sneakers out on the beach for t...

  • Aaron Alexander
    Apr 18, 2012

    This is a book about a cat that goes to the beach and sees many different types of animals along the beach. This book could be used in kindergarten and first grade to talk about the types of animals t...

  • Brenda
    Sep 07, 2015

    "Sneakers, the Seaside Cat" is a wonderful story of a regular house cat, who is enjoying a vacation with his human family and is having several different adventures at sea. Teachers of young children ...

  • Sue Pak
    Apr 18, 2012

    Good to read for Kindergarteners up to 2nd grade. As the cat wanders around the beach, it meets many sea creatures. You can talk about the ecosystem and different critters that lives by and in the sea...

  • Lauren Owens
    Apr 19, 2012

    Although this may seem like a book about a cat, it is really about the ecosystem and habitats on the beach. The sea animals highlighted in the book are described in relation to their different habitat...

  • Jessie Horcher
    Jan 28, 2013

    This book follows Margaret Wise Browns pattern of including lots of noises and actions into the book. Sneakers the cat is very curious and he explores all sorts of things on the seashore, hearing all ...

  • Kelsey
    Oct 07, 2012

    A very cute story about a very unique cat that will inspire and delight young minds. Brown seems to know what a child looks for in a story and is capable of creating books with this element that seems...