Emotionally Scarred
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Emotionally Scarred

Emma has been bullied her whole life. Her supernatural ability to sense other people’s emotions makes their cruel words even more painful. When Emma changes schools she hopes things will be different, but a prank and a risky plan turn into a life o...

Title:Emotionally Scarred
Edition Language:English
Format Type:ebook
Number of Pages:20 pages

    Emotionally Scarred Reviews

  • Veronica Morfi
    Jul 19, 2012

    So small...I wish there was more.This is the prequel to Emotionally Charged and the story of how Emma joined the Empaths team. I have to admit I wasn't a fan of Emma reading Emotionally Charged, and r...

  • Amelia
    Mar 08, 2016

    The weirdest thing about this novella is not the story itself, but others' opinions on it. Our narrator is a downtrodden young woman with a lot of self hate who plays a trick back on a tormentor. The ...

  • Toria Mason
    Jan 24, 2013

    What I love about Selina's stories is that each of her characters has personality, each has a story. It adds such great depth and reality. I could walk outside and meet a random stranger, and they wil...

  • Tiffany Callan
    Oct 17, 2013

    I picked up this book not knowing what to expect, the cover and title drew me in and i didn't bother to read the excerpt. I was sucked into it head first when i realized where the story was headed, it...

  • Jennifer Erwin
    Mar 02, 2014

    This was a very quick novella into Emma's back story. She had some emotional baggage that she didn't know how to deal with, and when she discovered her "super powers" she chose to became one with her ...

  • Shelby
    Dec 26, 2012

    Even though this story has a great message in it to kids and teens about effect bullying has, it to me just didn't hit the satisfying spot. It also gives off the sense that the bullied should fight ba...

  • Janine
    Mar 26, 2016

    I got this book on kindle and I have the series. As someone who has psychic abilities myself, I keep reading this saying under my breath, now this is exactly what YOU SHOULDN'T DO as someone who is em...

  • Dee/ bookworm
    Jan 07, 2015

    Emotionally Scarred is about a teen girl with the power to read emotions and intents of others. This is a prequel to explain her character in a later book. While I can see this situation happening in ...

  • Heidi Wolf
    Dec 11, 2014

    Needed moreThere's not enough history about her witch life. Are her parents witches? Has she always known what she was? Etc....

  • Suzuk1girl
    Jan 09, 2013

    This prequel sets up for an interesting read. Though the actual book is kind of lameish I'm not gonna blame the prequel. ...