Still Life with a Bridle: Essays and Apocryphas
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Still Life with a Bridle: Essays and Apocryphas

In "Still Life with a Bridle," poet and essayist Zbigniew Herbert takes an intriguing look at the cultural, artisitic, and aesthetic legacy of 17th-century Holland. These sixteen essays reveal Hervert's discriminating artistic eye and poetic sensibility, one that revels in irony, humor, and a satirist's appreciation of the absurd. An inveterate museum-goer, he focuses on the art of the Dutch masters, using it as a stepping-off point for a thoroughly individual and entertaining examination of the foibles, genius, and character of the Dutch people as a whole. The result is an unorthodox and revealing glimpse into the past that gives us a keener understanding not only of a distant people, but of ourselves as well.

Title:Still Life with a Bridle: Essays and Apocryphas
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:176 pages

    Still Life with a Bridle: Essays and Apocryphas Reviews

  • Anna
    Mar 26, 2008

    It's a masterpiece. I was thunderstruck when I read that the tulips are handicapped because out of all flowers they don't smell. What on Earth I was thinking about when I was buying them? How could I ...

  • Eoin
    Nov 17, 2013

    Simply exquisite writing. A trip to the Netherlands is definitely in the offing on foot of the observations in this collection. ...

  • CÚsar
    Apr 17, 2015

    El poeta polaco Zbigniew Herbert re├║ne en este volumen breves ensayos y miniaturas sobre hechos y personas inspirados por el siglo de oro holand├ęs. Desde la singular posici├│n del pa├şs, pr├ícticame...

  • Malcolm Hebron
    Jun 06, 2016

    I started this on a trip to Amsterdam recently, but read most of it afterwards. It's a superb, inspiring read, taking in tulip mania, economy, art collectors, and a gathering of fascinating individual...

  • jeff
    Dec 18, 2008

    Is impressionistic too hackneyed a qualifier? Herbert explores the Dutch culture of the 17th century, mostly focusing on the art (and my how there was art), but also on the artists, the art collectors...

  • Kirsten
    Mar 29, 2015

    I picked up this translation years ago in a book swap somewhere in eastern europe. The entire book was lovely, but the apocryphas in particular have stayed with me long after my memory of the details ...

  • Karen
    Mar 17, 2009

    Fantastic! The author did his own research with primary sources on life and culture in 17th century Netherlands, and writes with sophistication on the arts and culture in a new capitalist society (tul...

  • Christine
    May 31, 2011

    If you want to learn about Holland not through a travel guide but through art , history, and observation this book will create a proper experience of the lowlands....

  • Kate
    Nov 30, 2015

    Recommended by Rachel Cohen 5 books editor...